Tuesday, October 14, 2014

OpenCV-Python Tutorial Review

It has been a while since the new OpenCV-Python tutorial was under development. But now it is the perfect moment to reveal it. You can see the new official tutorial at OpenCV website or you can read this review on it.

Those who tried to get this found a minor complication. That’s because the version available at their official site is based on the not-yet-released OpenCV 3.x version. To get it, you have to compile OpenCV from source available in Github.

If you happen to get mail saying there are some errors in tutorial, or that it doesn't work, this means python freelancers use the old version. Actually they are delivering OpenCV 2.x version. That is the problem, and the solution will be getting the new version.

Those who had the chance to work on this project must admit it was great. But of course all help from reliable python developers and mentors did a lot for everyone implied in the project. So if you’re lucky to get the version without bugs and eager to work with it, please read the tutorial, enjoy it, and don't forget to send your comments, thoughts, feedbacks, some feature requests etc. It is still incomplete. But you can surely contribute to make it complete.

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